What are the video signatures?


The evolution of document security

In the constant quest for increased security and efficiency in digital document signing, an innovative technology has emerged: electronic signatures with facial biometric validation. What makes them so special? Discover it below!

1. What are they? These signatures combine facial recognition technology with electronic signature, allowing to verify the signer's identity accurately and securely. The process involves capturing the user's facial image at the time of signing, ensuring that the authorized person is the one signing.

2. Features: In addition to facial biometric validation, these electronic signatures usually have all the security features of a conventional electronic signature, such as data encryption and signed document integrity. This guarantees the authenticity of the signature and the validity of the document.

3. Benefits: The main advantage of electronic signatures with facial biometric validation is their high security. By verifying the signer's identity accurately, the risk of fraud and identity theft is significantly reduced. Moreover, being a digital process, it streamlines procedures and reduces paper usage.

4. Legality: In many countries, electronic signatures with facial biometric validation are legally valid, as long as they comply with the requirements established by law. It is important to verify the current regulations in each country to ensure their legal validity in each case.

In conclusion, electronic signatures with facial biometric validation represent a significant advance in the security and efficiency of digital documents. Take advantage of this technology to streamline your procedures and protect your documents securely and reliably!